Quelques détails sur le patch 2.4

Dans un article publié par le magazine suédois Level, le patch 2.4 a été quelque peu dévoilé. Voici les informations dont nous disposons à l'heure actuelle.
Attention les informations sont en anglais.
Sunwell Isle

* Sunwell Isle will be located off the coast, north of Silvermoon, and will be patched in with patch 2.4

* Sunwell Isle will be a major questing hub with a 5-man Normal and Heroic Instance (Magister's Terrace) and a 25-man raid (Sunwell Plateau). The goal with Sunwell Isle is to close the Burning Crusade storyline before the release of the next expansion.

* There are still a few scenarios left that could be released to provide the players with more content if WotLK gets delayed for any reason.

* At the release of the patch, players will access a small expedition camp where they can start questing. However as the questing progresses, players will expand the camp and make it grow to a small town by retaking building to the enemies (running daily quests mostly). You can consider it as a AQ Gates opening event, the more daily quests that gets done, the faster the whole server will progress.

* The quests will end the Tempest Keep story arc.

* 'The Shattered SUN Offensive' will be the new faction of this quest hub. It also seems that Aldor and Scryers will finally start fighting together against the new threat.

* Both 5-man and 25-man dungeons will be accessible from the start, but some bosses will have to be unlocked by running the daily quests (server-wide) and/or leveling your reputation. The 5-man instance will most likely requires Honored reputation with The Shattered Sun Offensive, the first three bosses of the 25-man instance will be accessible from the start, while the three last ones will have to be unlocked through questing.

Sunwell Plateau

* Kael'thas will be one of the boss of the 5-man dungeon, he's still alive and he's now got a huge green crystal etched to his chest.

* Kil'jaeden will be the final boss of the 25-man instance. The other bosses include Brutalicus, a giant Pit Lord who has lost his wings, Kalecgos, a blue dragon enslaved by Kil'jaeden, a Fel Dragon, the female Eredar Twins, and a Dark Naaru.

* The 25-man instance will be slightly harder than Black Temple, and is tuned for Tier 6 geared players.

* There will not be any 'real' Tier 7 set, but some of the drops will be set pieces (not necessarily class specific). The drops quality will be above T6.

Daily quests

* Patch 2.4 will raise the cap of Daily quests allowed in a day from 10 to 25.


* Balancing actions will be taken in regard to PvP for certain classes.

* Blizzard have large plans for, and they will be aiming to bring it closer to e-sport acceptance.

Source : http://wow.jeuxonline.info

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